"Just when you'd think they were more malignant than ever Hell could be, they could occasionally show more grace than Heaven ever dreamed of. Often the same individual was involved. It was this freewill thing, of course. It was a bugger." - Good Omens

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Disney Artbooks/Animation Books Post


Here’s some links to disney artbooks and animation books I had saved in my folder. Hope this will be super helpful to anyone :D


The Art And Making Of Beauty And The Beast

The Art Of The Lion King

Art Of The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Art Of Mulan

How To Draw Disney Princesses (This has snow white, cinderella, jasmine, belle, aurora, ariel and tinkerbell. Really helpful reference)


The Illusion Of Life

The Animator’s Survival Kit

Dynamic Life Drawing For Animators

Gesture Drawing For Animation

The 12 Principles Of Animation

Animating Personality 

Memo From Walt (A bunch of memos Walt Disney wrote in 1935 about his goals for the studio and stuff)

Pierre Gringoire, our favorite poet and philosopher


Few months ago in conversation with a fellow Pierre/NDDP fan, talking about the silly joke some people make about Pierre and Djali, we actually come to something really interesting, some parallels between the two characters. First off, I must say that I don’t considerate the love between them as “love” as some think. I believe is the type of love that many of us had, platoonic love — Pierre I believe enjoyed Djali as a smart creature and pure, educated as well, and he wanted to protect her from any harm and danger. You know, like you see some beautiful snowflake and you want to keep it safe. They also resemble to each other- both are marry, educated and smart, untouched at their souls but what happens between Claude Frollo and La Esmeralda change their fate. Other thing we realized in the chapter of Little Shoe, when Pierre does what he does, here is the whole Destiny thing which happens in the book, it was such a move on Pierre’s part which ended the lives of Esmeralda and well, in some way Frollo’s too. So Pierre mission about this.. why exactly he left Esmeralda and Frollo together, why he couldn’t save both Djali and Esme..? I think he left behind the people who influenced on his and Djali’s destiny as well. Wasn’t Djali’s life in danger because of Esme’s prosecution as well? Wasn’t he himself because of Claude Frollo in many weird moments such as their conversations about Esmeralda and all that happened later in the book? Other thing, both, not only they changed Pierre’s and Djali’s lives in this fashion, they also had the same function in their lives. Claude Frollo was Pierre’s mentor  in  hermetics and Esme was Djali’s mentor, all the tricks and the counting and mimicking tricks. They both were Pierre’s and Djali’s mentors. I think it was a masterful move on Hugo’s part, the way the whole web was changed because of this single Pierre’s move.   


I illustrated that text post that was going around. A summary of their relationship.
I feel really bad for the Persian. Running around after Erik must feel like trying to manage a particularly ugly, homicidal child.


I illustrated that text post that was going around. A summary of their relationship.

I feel really bad for the Persian. Running around after Erik must feel like trying to manage a particularly ugly, homicidal child.

Disney’s ‘HUNCHBACK’ Cast Updates: Ian Patrick Gibb Cast; Ciara Renée as Esmeralda?



Ian Patrick Gibb has been cast in Disney’s ‘Hunchback’ stage adaptation:

(…) the production stars Ian Patrick Gibb (three-year veteran of “Les Mis” tour, and soon to appear in Disney’s “Hunchback of Notre Dame”

He will be in the ensemble as well as being Quasimodo’s understudy.


Since it seems that Disney is pretty much keeping their workshop cast from January intact for the long run, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to believe that Ciara Renée will be reprising her role as Esmeralda. Pure speculation on my part, however. ;-)

So far, the cast looks like this:

Quasimodo…Michael Arden/Ian Patrick Gibb(U/S)
Frollo…………Partick Page
Clopin………..Erik Liberman
Esmeralda….Ciara Renée***
***Unconfirmed(original workshop cast)

Tickets to the general public go on sale August 2nd at the La Jolla Playhouse. (Premieres Oct 26, 2014)



Swan Valswan just *really* likes bread.

This is hopsjollyhigh's fault.

imageAnd this one is redeaths' fault.

Jayvert is starting to get suspicious.


au where paquette and fantine get to keep their goddamn baby daughters and raise them for the love of god


trying to sing both parts in a disney song like

A WHOLE NEW WORLdon’t you dare close your eyes

A HUNDRED THOUShold your breath it gets better